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Technology has radically changed the practices that we have traditionally employed to develop contract documents.  We have a commitment to embrace those technologies, and regard them as a powerful tool for enhancing team building among the participants. Many firms are stuck in the methodologies they have used for years.


We understand that Sustainable Design Requirements, Building Information Modeling, and Integrated Project Delivery Systems all have had an important impact on how the Construction Documents are composed and articulated. 


The old standard formulas no longer can be effectively employed to provide a “one size fits all” set of written specifications.  The AIA, EJDIC and DBIA have all published standard documents that define the rights, describe relationships, and allocate responsibilities among the parties in distinctly different ways. 


We assist in coordinating CSI three part section format with other consultants, without regard to the origin and authors of those sections. We will supply Master Sections that are current editions to your consultants to avoid citing outdated or obsolete standards.


We are responsible for an integrated and consistent project manual because we believe that a successful project is not one that limits the number of change orders by providing “coverage”, but is depended on supplying the Contractor and sub-contractors with the information that they need to successfully bid and execute the project.  We will be sure that the documents “say it once and say it right”.


You get the IDEA because each project is different and deserves a unique and conscientious approach. With our system your office masters will always be updated, and edits will be easy to identify.



Your team spends months and sometimes years looking at their drawings.  From the time the Design Development Phase starts until you are at the end of Construction Documents phase, many changes are made.  Team members come and go, and leave an inheritance that is not always an asset.

A fresh set of eyes - registered Architects and Professional Engineers that work in the Construction side of the industry will review drawings from a Contractors point of view.  We have a short hand system that will identify items that cannot be located, incorrect references, dimensional problems, and many more of the most difficult issues to spot when you are close to your work.  Even if we are not the author of your specifications:

we will be sure that they are consistent with the graphic documents. We will do that work by marking up the drawings in PDF format, we do not print anything unless it is our absolute last option as part of our committment to the environment.

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We have the unique capability to provide owners with fully articulated Schematic Documents as procurement tools under Delegated Design Authority/Design-Build Delivery/Owner Build outs. Jeff Pilus was the project manager for the University of Nebraska Center for Materials and Nano Science facility.  This research facility includes laboratories for Scanning Probe Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Metallurgical and Mechanical Characterization, Cryogenics, X-Ray Structural Characterization, Materials Preparation and Nanofabrication.  Nano is a fifteen million dollar research facility. Above you see toxic gas distribuiton systems that saved the client thousands of dollars in fees.


“Jeff Pilus is absolutely committed to getting things right. As a successful project manager overseeing project construction, Jeff communicates well with all parties to assure the results are right. This determination with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nanoscience Metrology Facility, a stimulus funded project, is on schedule and within budget. The users are extremely pleased and everyone is pleased with Jeff's performance.” 


-Richard E. Byfield, AIA, Director of UNL Facilities Construction

Marbionic Marine Biological Research Center



GBCI Number: 10435086


Jeff Pilus has been a certified LEED AP since 5/18/2009 with a specialty in building design and construction. He is a member of NIST and the Building Envelope Commision. He has security clearances for handling sensitive, confidential records from the Department of Homeland Security, and has worked as a sustainability consultant to the General Services Administration. JMP Consultants has demonstrated the capability to produce accurate, timely reports meeting stringent Federal guidelines for proprietary paperwork regimes, for State Government and in private industry.


Jeff Pilus has been a volunteer faculty member at the College of Architecture for 15 years, teaching classes in “green” specifications writing and construction contract administration to graduate students at the University of Nebraska. Currently Jeff is on the Board of Directors of the local chapter of the USGBC.  


We have completed projects under multiuple systems including Energy Star and Green Grade.



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