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Jeff Pilus has acted as the facilitator during schematic reviews, design development, and produced construction documents on multiple State, Federal and Privately funded projects.  He has positive personal recommendations from Project Managers, Field Office Managers, End Users, Contractors, and Design Consultants from all disciplines.

UNL Facilities

o    Hardin Hall Rennovation (2006) 

o    Hardin Hall Auditorium Renovation (2007, 2009 phase two) 

o    Keim Building Renovation (2009 – non-certified LEED gold)

o    Quilt Museum Center (2010 – certified LEED silver

o    Nano Science Metrology Building (non-certified LEED silver)


State of Nebraska Building Division

o    Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (2001)

o    Nebraska State Patrol Omaha Office (2009)



o    Sioux City Federal Building Courts Projects (2001-2002)

o    Emerald Park, USSS/DEA/ATF (2003-2004)

o    United State Attorney’s Office, Denney Federal Building (2005)

o    *Denney Federal Building Exterior Renovation (2007)

o    *Denney Federal Building Elevator Replacement (2008)

o    *Hruska Federal Building Grand Staircase (2008)

o    *Zorinski Federal Building Public Space Finishes (2008)

o    *Zorinski Federal Building Tenant Build Outs (2007-2009) 

o    *North Platte Federal Building (2008) 3 projects

o    *Grand Island Federal Building Perimeter

        Heating and Boiler Replacement (2008)

        Historic Facade and Entry

Nebraska State College System

o    Peru State College – Library, Academic Resource Center, Hoyt Science, Campus Services (2001-2004)

o    *Wayne State College Campus Services (2008)


Housing and Urban Development 

o    Long School Housing Development (Omaha-2007)

o    Kearney Performing Arts Center (Kearney NE – 2006)​

o    Hopi 40 Housing​


Farm Credit Services of America

o   (Multiple Projects -2001-2005)


University of North Carolina Wilmington

o    Marbionc Research Facility  (2012-2013)


Fox Architects

o     555 11th Street NW, Washington D.C.
o    1201 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C.
o    1401 NY Avenue, Washington D.C.
o    1900 N Street, Washington D.C.
o    2000 L Street (Alexander Court), , Washington D.C.
o    Crescent Meriweather District, Coumbia Maryland



"I am not quite sure how he does it, even although I have interacted with him as often in this project, but Jeff seems to have managed to interact very personably and effectively all the time with every faculty and staff member in this project, even when there might be difficult issues to discuss and decide on and even when time is tight. Within my quite wide range of observation of NCMN facilities staff and faculty, NCMN assistants, NCMN and UNL EHS safety staff and faculty, and many contractors and consultants, I can state categorically that Jeff has clearly earned the respect and appreciation of every consultant, contractor, UNL faculty and staff member. "   


Professor Brian W. Robertson

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience University of Nebraska-Lincoln





"I found Jeff to be very thorough, technically knowledgeable, efficient, and effective.  The things I want to know as a FPO, (as any employer, customer, or client would want to know) are four things - will it work, what will it cost, when will it be done, and what are you doing to mitigate project risk factors.  Jeff always knew these answers at the tip of his tongue, or email snd-finger. I appreciated him very much in that I could rely on his assessment, response, and status updates of the facility while it was under construction.  He was very adept at reponding to Federal requirements of the award, i.e., very competent administratively at handling all those details that can make us all so frustrated. 


Please take this memo as my endorsement that Jeff is a very good project manager.  I see the gamut of competency and skills in project management in my rol of Federal oversight & monitoring, and Jeff is one of the best."


Mike Diestel, PE

Federal Program Officer for Construction Grants

Office of Facilities and Property Management



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