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Specification Writing & Review

We are committed to providing our clients with a variety of services that fulfills their needs from project conception to design and  construction through facilities management. 

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JMP Consultants LLC

• Specifications Writing
• Project Management
• Contract Administration
• Plan Review
• Sustainability Consulting

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JMP Consultants LLC
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We are committed to providing our clients with a variety of services that fulfills their needs from project conception to design and  construction through facilities management.  We represent Owners, A/E firms, Construction Managers and Manufacturers regardless of the delivery  system that is used, with the goal of providing cost effective and well coordinated documents.  Our “IDEA” philosophy is founded on the principle that effective communication “manages the expectations” of all the participants without making assumptions about their roles.


Our core competencies include representing end users, working with A/E firms developing design documents, construction management, and construction contract administration.   Our alignments with our sub-consultants and industry contacts  has promoted an ability to provide comprehensive services ranging from feasibility studies to producing bid documents.


We have  a variety of Specifications Master Software Packages available for editing.  We use BSD Link Man E to interface our specifications with Revit Models and use Revit Architecture 2015. 






JMP Consultants LLC, established in 2010, is a Nebraska based firm providing Project Management, Specifications Writing, Construction Management, Construction Contract Administration, Plan Review, and Sustainable Design Services.  Working in both the private and public sectors, we have executed multiple projects, offering support services and full time owner representation for Federal, State, Local Government, and Business on a National Scale.  


We have been editing and authoring specifications for sustainable design requirements that include LEED,  Green Grade, and Energy Star requirements that precisely define those unique standards, including the Administrative Requirements and Sustainable Design Reporting for all of the various designations and reporting mechanisms. 


We have software to assist firms with Design Criteria that is derived from CSI UniFormat.  

During Schematic Design and Program Development  the Functional Elements of a Building need to be iterated.  This is defined by the CSI as the logical way to analyze building design.   In a single location we identify the  Project Description, Substructure, Shell, Interiors, Services, Equipment and Furnishings, Special Construction and Demolition, Building Sitework, and the General Requirements.  With our assistance, iterating Preliminary Project Descriptions, Outline Specifications, developing preliminary cost estimates, and drawing detail filing becomes much more efficient and hierarchical. 

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